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Meet the Team

Bryan Carver, Graduate Diploma in Clinical Acupuncture, Diploma Applied Science in Naturopathy, Diploma of Remedial Therapies, "Ashtanga" Yoga Teacher

Bryan started in the Natural Therapy field in 1992. His career began with a Diploma in Remedial Therapy but his passion was ignited and he continued his studies, gaining a Diploma in Naturopathy specialising in nutrition, homeopathy, and iridology and completed honours in Herbal Medicine. He followed this with a Graduate Diploma in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture and completed a teacher-trainer course in Ashtanga Yoga to better assist my patients with their muscular skeletal injuries. He also had the honour of working alongside his mentor, George Papas for 2 years and learning about the art of Osteopathy.

Dr Shane Sutherland, Doctorate of Chiropractic, Bachelor of Science

Dr Shane Sutherland graduated from Murdoch University in 2014 and has been Thrive’s primary Chiropractor for the last 3 years.  Shane believes that pain and disability stem from a combination of joint, muscle, nerve and environment, and that by addressing each of these components every person can be at their best. He prides himself on going the extra mile for his patients – something he is able to do well in a diverse health culture such as at Thrive, commonly cross referring patients to his fellow staff in order to improve prognosis.

When he is not at work , Shane is either found on a sporting field, at home fostering kittens, or on his once a month gym visit. Growing up on both the coast of Bunbury and the southern border of Canada, Shane has an affinity for the ocean and the snow – a regular scuba diver and snowboard enthusiast. As such he has a deep travel bug, and has already traveled the globe extensively. If only he wasn’t so terrified of plane flight!

Dr Estee Lombard

Dr Estee Lombard is an experienced, evidence based chiropractor who is passionate about helping you achieve your health goals.  If you are looking to relive your pain, release tight muscles, release stubborn knots, find freedom from stiffness or simply improve your body’s overall mechanical function and performance, Dr Lombard can help.
Dr Lombard graduated from Murdoch University in 2011 and has since focused her continuing professional development on refining her techniques.  She uses a holistic approach to your treatment, utilising dry needling, joint manipulation/ mobilisation and various myofascial techniques.
Dr Lombard is on the Executive Board of Chiropractic Australia.

Emmery Claire

Emmery is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2014. Emmery’s area of interest is lower limb musculoskeletal rehabilitation, as well as exercise prescription for neurological conditions. She has a real passion for helping people be the best versions of themselves that they can be. To further her knowledge she is currently studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at The University of Notre Dame.

With a past as a dancer, Emmery enjoys staying active and playing sport. You might run into her at Freo Dockers games, or cheering on her favourite basketball teams, the Perth Wildcats and the Golden State Warriors.

David Ferrari, BSc (Physiotherapy)

David graduated from Curtin university in 2017 with a degree in Physiotherapy. He has a drive and passion towards promoting active recovery, and helping to restore one’s function back to normal. David’s areas of interest are upper and lower limb rehabilitation, exercise prescription and injury prevention. He also have great interest in keeping up to date with the newest and most effective treatment techniques, which he passes onto his patients. David have a great deal of pride in my work and greatly enjoy being able to help people wherever possible.

When he’s not at work, he enjoys playing basketball or being in the gym; which has helped shape his treatments particularly in relation to exercise programs and weight training.

Cordelia Murday, Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy

Cordelia is a Health Practitioner in the area of Naturopathy, who thinks laterally in her diagnosis & medicine prescription. Cordelia uses a combination of western herbal medicine, practitioner grade health supplements, live health screening, nutritional medicine, homeopathic medicine, flower essences, iridology, and lifestyle advice. Her therapeutic approach is evidence-based, drawing from both traditional and scientific knowledge and she believes that a healthy outside starts from the inside and uses a holistic approach, addressing the underlying causes first to properly resolve ailments.

Auri Ballantyne, Dip Remedial Massage

Auri is a Remedial Massage Therapist and Dedicated Yoga Teacher. Yoga came first for Auri, completing her 2 year teaching apprenticeship in March 2015. This lead to deeper inquiry of the physical body and the way injury and strains develop, which saw her complete her Cert IV in Swedish and Sport massage and her Diploma of Remedial Massage.

Auri offers a Vinyasa class which combines philosophy, self study and mindful awareness of breath with flowing dynamic and static postures that support the bodies natural ability to build strength and flexibility.

Her remedial treatments are tailored to the individual and combine deep tissue works, myofascial release and trigger point therapy with gentle mobilisations and stretches developed from both her remedial and yoga qualifications.

Jaimee Gebbetis, Dip Remedial Massage

Jaimee has always been interested in body mechanics and the way we move. From a young age watching family play rugby and playing sport herself she developed a passion and saw the benefits and impact of what massage has on the body. Completing a Certificate 4 in Massage Therapy and a Diploma in Remedial Massage Jaimee is able to apply her skills and knowledge gained through massage to help treat body dysfunction.
By using techniques such as Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Mobilisations Triggerpoint and Muscle Energy Techniques to restore movement with the body, Jaimee will leave you feeling fabulous.

Aileen Emery, Yoga Instructor

Aileen is a level 2 Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and a qualified Dru Yoga teacher. Whilst teaching Satyananda-inspired Hatha yoga Aileen’s own practice continued to be heavily influenced by Dru Yoga and in 2013 Aileen completed a 3 year Dru Yoga Teaching Diploma and is now a teacher on the Dru Yoga course in Perth. Aileen has a passion for teaching yoga and loves seeing not only the physical changes in her students but also seeing them creating a deeper understanding of themselves.

Tom McKenna, Yoga Instructor

With a background in martial arts Tom was introduced to yoga in 1997. Over the last 18 years Tom has practiced with a host of internationally renowned teachers in Australia and overseas and in 2013 he set out on the path to become a teacher completing his Ashtanga Teacher Training. His classes provide students with the opportunity to explore a range of yoga styles from dynamic Vinyasa classes to deeply relaxing and stress releasing Yin and Restorative classes.

Erin Griffin, Yoga Instructor

Erin’s discovery of yoga started during her travels back in 2008. She studied at the Sivanada Ashram in Kerala, India and from there the seed was planted. In 2010, Erin met a teacher who propelled her yoga practice to a new level, moving beyond the physical postures. Within a few months of falling under the spell, Erin walked away from her job of 9 years and went on to complete her first Anusara Immersion. Soon after this, she did her Yoga Teacher Training.

Erin’s classes are a refreshing transmission of the ancient practice of yoga. They are a safe and nurturing play ground to explore YOUR body, YOUR mind and YOUR breath. These classes, drawing on traditional yoga postures, meditation and breath techniques are an invitation to stretch the body (and beyond), to be present and to participate in your own personal transformation.

Erin’s classes are taught from the heart with a focus on the art of breathing, movement and self study.

Tony Ratnam, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer

Having finally realised his true passion and purpose in life at a very late age, Tony made a brave and scary decision to move away from 30 plus years of corporate life, primarily in Finance and Accounting, re-skilled himself and ventured into a life of holistic therapy.

As part of his life purpose, he sees his role as towards helping people align themselves to be the best possible version of themselves and further in reaching higher levels of awareness and consciousness in the process. Tony’s offerings at Thrive Wellness Centre include Clinical Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing and Meditation. Tony uses not only Clinical Hypnotherapy but also aspects of Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques and principles, Time Line Therapy, Mental Coaching and Mindset Change and Energy Healing Facilitation as well.

A session with Tony could help you to understand yourself further, to make change and transform your life, to help release blocks and limitations, manage challenges and help set inner strategy.

Natalie Loucaides, Beauty Therapist

Natalie has been working as a beauty therapist for over fifteen years in various high end day spa both in WA and interstate, and has a highly professional technique and work ethic, with a particular eye for designer brow shaping.

She feels that due to the pressure of today’s world there is a great need for to relieve stress.  Stress triggers chemical change in the body, manifesting in poor health emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.   Her compassion encouraged her to further her knowledge to help those in need more holistically.

The treatments Natalie provides allows her to work on a deeper level as a holistic counselor and mind/ body medicine practitioner, bringing about Balance, Wellness and Beauty into one’s life.

Malia Areke, Diploma of Remedial Massage

Malia Areke is our newest addition to the team,  offering remedial massage therapy, sports, deep tissue work. Malia holds a Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy from the prestigious Australian Institute of Fitness, and a Certification IV in Small Business Management.

From a young age, Malia has experience first-hand the benefits of a range of different bodywork. With her background being in athletics and netball, strain and injury were common occurrences. This created an awareness of the body mechanics and how best to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Malia has a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy and physiology and strongly believes that aligning traditional holistic techniques with modern science and research is the most beneficial way to heal and protect our bodies from pain and dysfunction. She is passionate about educating clients and the community about our natural ability to do this, whist engaging the mind-body connection.

Gosia Kowalska, Massage Therapist

Gosia is a qualified Physiotherapist and holds a MSC degree in Complementary and Alternative Medicine awarded by University of Westminster, after completing a two year program and final dissertation project in 2015.

Gosia has started working in healthcare setting in USA, then in the UK assisting families and children with Special Needs in achieving their milestones and developmental goals, engaging emotionally and physically in daily tasks and family life, as well as helping them work through the difficulties that their disability has caused.

Her need of helping has led her to completing Physiotherapy studies in 2010, however a continuous search through intelligence and elegance to the human body and mind that goes beyond what we thin and know began her journey in Complementary Medicine.

Nicole 'Lamb' Iovine, Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

Nicole ‘Lamb’ Iovine is a widely respected dancer/creative working with some of the biggest names in the Australian dance industry. Having under her belt television appearances on ‘So You Think You Can Dance – top 20’, Australia’s Got Talent to dancing on tour with Timomatic & Samantha Jade, Lamb has established herself internationally as a talented professional dancer, as a result of this you can imagine the amount of pressure she has experienced physically, spiritually and mentally. After several repeat injuries and years of physical excursion in the dance world Lamb found herself looking inward to heal herself. Naturally she ended up in the birth place of Yoga, Rishikesh India. This is where Lamb found the tools to rebuild her spirit, regain strength in her body and quieten her mind. Having taught dancing for over 20 years nationally and internationally it was only natural Lamb then went on to share the love of Yoga to her students with the blessings of her guru. Lamb is an internationally recognised Ashtanga Yoga instructor having completed 500hours. Yoga Alliance accredited under the guidance of Yogi Kamal Singh & Sunil Sharma at Tattvaa Yogashala. Lambs classes are traditionally intense yet incredibly relaxing (after all the hard work). Ashtanga is a strong practice aimed at those looking for a physical and mental challenge.
“Yoga is the romance between the body, the mind and the breath. Creating space free from obstacles in your own body to live life comfortably. Yoga is freedom. I am here to assist others seek release so that they can competently dance through life..” – LAMB